Why you Need Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions for your Online Selling Business

written on 20/Thu/February/20

amazon extension chrome

What is an Amazon Chrome Extension?

An Amazon Extension is a plugin for your internet browser.

Using the Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) service enables you to leave Amazon to take care of the picking, packing, and delivering of your products for you, alongside dealing with any customer services and returns issues.

Amazon Chrome Extensions take this a little further, and can be really useful tools in your Amazon selling business.

In this article, you’ll find a list of several Google Chrome extension apps what we’ve discovered to help you with your FBA selling.

The Primary Functions of an Amazon Chrome Extension are to:

·       Save time

·       Elevate your Amazon sales

·       Rise higher on Amazon rankings

·       Make product research much faster

Some Benefits of an Amazon Chrome Extension:

1.     Receive automated price drop alerts using a tracker

2.     Monitor price history graphs

3.     Simple work out your FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) profits

4.     Discover the best, most profitable products on Amazon

5.     Find the optimal keywords to use in your listing descriptions

6.     Learn how your FBA competitors are performing

7.     Unveil new possibilities to upgrade your own product listings

What are the Best Amazon Chrome Extensions for FBA Sellers?

Some of the Amazon Chrome Extensions at the forefront of the market for FBA sellers that are available are:

  1. Jungle Scout Chrome Plugin

Amazon Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout can help you to find how profitable your own particular product niche is. It provides you the estimate sales of each product on a specific page through a spreadsheet.

·       You can also access this information:

·       Average BSR (best seller ranking)

·       Average price

·       Seller details

·       Numbers of reviews of the particular product

2. Keepa

amazon extension chrome

Keepa tracks your products and competitors.

It will provide you with a detailed price history chart of items on Amazon. It can track any product and notify once the price drop and will compare international prices. Once you use it as a plugin on your internet browser, it will pull through the price history graph on the Amazon page.

3. Helium 10 Plugin

amazon chrome extension

Helium 10 plugin is the one of the superior Amazon FBA keyword tools, which you can utilise to plan the ideal keywords for your products.

You can also use these tools:

·       Competitor analysis

·       Product research

·       Keywords listing and tracking

·       Build and optimise product listing

4. Viral Lunch Market Intelligence

amazon extension for chrome

Viral Launch Market Intelligence is an Amazon analytics tool that really helps Amazon sellers.

It can tell you which item you can sell and shows you the most profitable products on the site.

You can calculate fees and profits with the assistance of the in-built calculator.

5. AMZ Scout/Pro

amazon fba chrome extension

AMZScout is another plugin which you can utilise to help to find a profitable niche on the Amazn Marketplace platform.

There are just some of the plugin’s features:

·       Get estimate Sales and Revenue

·       Price and ranking details

·       Analyse Listing Quality

·       View the latest trends

·       Export your data in excel sheet

6. The Camelizer

chrome extension amazon

The Camelizer tool is not dissimilar to Keepa.

Displaying price graphs on each item page once the extension is activated. Using this this extension, you can easily set up your own trackers on a particular item, and this extension will alert you when the price changes on that product.

Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions – Do you Need Them?

Price tracking, product research, and keyword analytics are three vital elements for any online Amazon selling business.

Unfortunately, they are also three very time-consuming tasks. Tasks that can take up the vast majority of your time. 

Ensure you choose just a couple of these tools to help your online business, and not spend all of your time testing out the various available tools! Choose the tools that are really going to drive your business forward.

Chrome Extensions make all of these tasks, and many more, much easier, and therefore, make your Amazon business more productive, and more profitable. A lot of them are free, or have lite and trial versions available, so why not give them a whirl, and see how much time you could save running your online business today?

Use These Powerful Online Tools to Level-Up Your Amazon FBA Business.

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