The Best Tools For Sales Estimation on Amazon

written on 22/Sat/February/20

Creating an Amazon listing is easy. But guess what isn’t as easy? Maintaining your listing and driving revenues from it. To make your product profitable, you need to first understand which items are ‘actually’ in demand and which of them can boost your profits. While there are many ways to do this, one of the simplest options would be to invest in a quality Amazon sales estimator. In this article, we will take a closer look at these estimators and understand how they really work.  

What Does a Sales Estimation Tool Do? 

As previously mentioned, an app or software for Amazon sales estimation will help you understand what kind of product will help you boost your sales. Additionally, it will also inform you about the amount of money you can generate from a specific product. These tools are incredibly simple to operate, and given their rave reviews, we will certainly recommend you use them. If you are planning to be a merchant in this eCommerce portal, you will absolutely need an application or software like this.  

Do You Really Need It?  

Yes, every amazon seller looking to pull up their profits need a dedicated tool for sales estimation. Amazon sales rank estimator tools are useful, viable, and extremely functional when it comes to assessing how much you can make from a certain product. It will also rank your items depending on their profitability. This added insight will help you come up with something genuinely valuable, and people will be more interested in buying or using them.  

The Best Tool For Estimating Sales 

As of now, you will find plenty of Amazon sales volume estimator tools. But which among them are slightly better than the rest? Well, keep reading this list to understand more about the best products in this category.  

Jungle Scout  

This is one of the top contenders when it comes to assessing the sales volume ranking of a specific product. This application features extremely simple functionalities, whereby you can know more about a product’s sales rank by assessing its individual Amazon rank in general. This way, you will get instant insights into how much sales the listing can generate. The Junglescout estimator is available at various price points, allowing you to choose a plan that actually meets your requirements. Overall, we were left pretty impressed by this application’s offerings.  

Helium 10  

When it comes to assessing seller analytics, you probably won’t find a tool as functional as Helium 10. This tool will give you a quick (and almost) instant estimation of your gross revenues generated against a specific listing. The best part: you will have complete access to historical insights, whereby you’ll know how much sales an item had generated, yesterday, today, and how much profit it can potentially rake up in the coming days.  


This tool has an almost similar functionality pattern like JungleScout. It requires you to enter your item’s rank to figure out its sales rank. Additionally, it will also work really well when it comes to informing you about revenue metrics, sales volume, and everything in between. Since this is a paid plan, you need to explore the different price points before making your pick.  

Seller Legend  

As you will guess from the name itself, this application is an excellent fba Amazon calculator. As with the other software and web applications featured on our list, this one will help you instantly track the sales volumes, profits, and overall margin against all product listings. It works extremely fast and even has the option to simplify operations by automating big and small tasks. Overall, we were left quite impressed, and we’d suggest you try this app for these functionalities alone.  

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Unicorn Smasher 

This web application has a specific feature whereby you can analyze and assess the revenues your existing items are generating. You can combine its sales rank tracking feature with the product ranking tool for better insight into the more revenue-generating listings.  


This tool offers you monthly insights about sales, profits, and everything a seller should know. Since it’s backed by rave customer reviews, we find it quite promising as well. While ASINspector may not be the most affordable tool on this list, it still works pretty well in informing and educating you about the overall and potential revenues.  

Viral Launch  

If you’re already familiar with the product ranking tool of Viral Launch, understanding the nitty-gritty of their amazon sales rank calculator won’t be as difficult. This app works collectively with its other features, allowing you to harvest all the data you need about the sales rank of your preferred product. The tool has quite decent offerings and we’d recommend it for the value it comes to offer.  

Final Thoughts  

Now that you have a list of the best applications for tracking, assessing, and analyzing the amazon rank, pick the best product and leverage its functions to drive maximum revenue from your listing.  

FAQ (150) 

Q. How to Pick the Best App For Sales Estimation?  

A Picking the best application for tracking and assessing sales is quite simple. Simply refer to our reviews and check the customer testimonials against every product. This will simplify your search, helping you zero in on the best product.  

Q. How to drive sales on Amazon?  

A You can drive sales on your specific product listing by selling a product that people actually need. You can spearhead the sales by using a sales rank tracker as well.  

Q What's a Good Amazon Rank? 

A Any rank between one to three will be deemed good on Amazon. 




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