Improve Your Amazon Sales Rank

written on 12/Wed/February/20

Amazon has many sellers, and all of them want to be the best. To be rated as the best, a seller needs to have a good reputation, more traffic and sales compared to the other sellers. A seller can use different ways to be rated among the best, but the most direct way of achieving that is through ensuring your products have a good sales rank.

Know more About Amazon Sales Rank

In simple terms, Amazon Sales Rank (ASR), also recognized as Best Seller Rank (BSR), is the positioning of products on how well they sell when compared to the other products in the same category. ASR is a way of determining if an item is widely known or not in a specific category. For example, if you are selling watches in the Accessories and Clothing category, then your watches will get rated against all the accessories and clothing items listed in the group.

Amazon has thousands of sellers who vend millions of products, meaning that a product ASR ranges from position 1 to hundreds of thousands or even more than a million. That means if you are ranked as position one or among the top, you will have greater sales, but if you are on the bottom, you will have fewer sales.

Significance of Amazon Sales Rank

Many reasons make ASR important to every seller who wants to be successful. For sellers who are new on online business, ASR is used to determine if your items are selling more compared to other sellers items that are in the same category. It points out where your products are positioned on the Amazon ranking system.

When you join the online market place, at first, you will have a low ASR score. That does not mean you would not make it to the top. The search results only show your performance at the moment.

How to grow Your Product Sales Rank on Amazon

For your items to be ranked top on Amazon, it should be selling in larger volumes. Your ranking can be affected when your competitors sell more products than you in a week or even a single day. You might have achieved your sales target, but your sales rank might go down because your direct competitors performed well than you. When you have a lower ASR, fewer shoppers will visit your page, and you may end up making fewer sales. There are numerous factors you need to consider in order to increase your sales rank, which include: 

  •   Using competitive prices

Price is a great factor in Amazon because most buyers shop on the platform intending to purchase goods at a lower price. To attract more sales, you will have to offer your items at low prices than your competitors. You can search for automated Repricer software to help you modify your item prices according to the competition.

  • Enhanced Product Title

Experienced sellers know that shoppers are attracted to an item depending on the name or title branded for the item. Therefore ensure you give your item a title that is informative and creative. Moreover, enhance the title with the correct keywords. Ensure that the title of your product has the product name and features and also brand name.

what does amazon sales rank mean

A watch description on Amazon

  • Flawless Item Description

Ensure that you describe your product in a way that will positively impress shoppers. A clear description improves customer engagement and conversation rates. When the description of your item is clear, it will attract many prospective buyers. With numerous potential buyers on your product page, your sales would rise significantly. 

  • Use Quality Images

After finding an appealing product title and description, what remains is to find an image that contests what you have portrayed. Pictures of the products you are selling is a vital aspect that will assist you in growing your general sales. Ensure that you use quality images that impress potential buyers because it only takes some seconds for them to reach the product listing of another seller. You might be selling amazing items, but if you don’t have several awesome pictures depicting them, you will push many buyers away.


Having a good product title, description and image and selling at a lower price selling will attract more sales. If you deliver to the buyers what they want and offer them great customer service, you will receive many positive reviews. Your product Amazon Sales Ranking would improve when you receive many positive reviews because they make you have a great reputation, and buyers will easily trust you to deliver quality products.


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