The Best Tools For Sales Estimation on Amazon

Creating an Amazon listing is easy. But guess what isn’t as easy? Maintaining your listing and driving revenues from it. To make your product profitable, you need to first understand which items are ‘actually’ in demand and which of them can boost your profits. While there are many ways to do this, one of the simplest options would be to invest in a quality Amazon sales estimator. In this article, we will take a closer look at these estimators and understand how they really work.  

What Does a Sales Estimation Tool Do? 

As previously mentioned, an app or software for Amazon sales estimation will help you understand what kind of product will help you boost your sales. Additionally, it will also inform you about the amount of money you can generate from a specific product. These tools are incredibly simple to operate, and given their rave reviews, we will certainly recommend you use them. If you are planning to be a merchant in this eCommerce portal, you will absolutely need an application or software like this.  

Do You Really Need It?  

Yes, every amazon seller looking to pull up their profits need a dedicated tool for sales estimation. Amazon sales rank estimator tools are useful, viable, and extremely functional when it comes to assessing how much you can make from a certain product. It will also rank your items depending on their profitability. This added insight will help you come up with something genuinely valuable, and people will be more interested in buying or using them.  

The Best Tool For Estimating Sales 

As of now, you will find plenty of Amazon sales volume estimator tools. But which among them are slightly better than the rest? Well, keep reading this list to understand more about the best products in this category.  

Jungle Scout  

This is one of the top contenders when it comes to assessing the sales volume ranking of a specific product. This application features extremely simple functionalities, whereby you can know more about a product’s sales rank by assessing its individual Amazon rank in general. This way, you will get instant insights into how much sales the listing can generate. The Junglescout estimator is available at various price points, allowing you to choose a plan that actually meets your requirements. Overall, we were left pretty impressed by this application’s offerings.  

Helium 10  

When it comes to assessing seller analytics, you probably won’t find a tool as functional as Helium 10. This tool will give you a quick (and almost) instant estimation of your gross revenues generated against a specific listing. The best part: you will have complete access to historical insights, whereby you’ll know how much sales an item had generated, yesterday, today, and how much profit it can potentially rake up in the coming days.  


This tool has an almost similar functionality pattern like JungleScout. It requires you to enter your item’s rank to figure out its sales rank. Additionally, it will also work really well when it comes to informing you about revenue metrics, sales volume, and everything in between. Since this is a paid plan, you need to explore the different price points before making your pick.  

Seller Legend  

As you will guess from the name itself, this application is an excellent fba Amazon calculator. As with the other software and web applications featured on our list, this one will help you instantly track the sales volumes, profits, and overall margin against all product listings. It works extremely fast and even has the option to simplify operations by automating big and small tasks. Overall, we were left quite impressed, and we’d suggest you try this app for these functionalities alone.  

amazon sales estimator

Unicorn Smasher 

This web application has a specific feature whereby you can analyze and assess the revenues your existing items are generating. You can combine its sales rank tracking feature with the product ranking tool for better insight into the more revenue-generating listings.  


This tool offers you monthly insights about sales, profits, and everything a seller should know. Since it’s backed by rave customer reviews, we find it quite promising as well. While ASINspector may not be the most affordable tool on this list, it still works pretty well in informing and educating you about the overall and potential revenues.  

Viral Launch  

If you’re already familiar with the product ranking tool of Viral Launch, understanding the nitty-gritty of their amazon sales rank calculator won’t be as difficult. This app works collectively with its other features, allowing you to harvest all the data you need about the sales rank of your preferred product. The tool has quite decent offerings and we’d recommend it for the value it comes to offer.  

Final Thoughts  

Now that you have a list of the best applications for tracking, assessing, and analyzing the amazon rank, pick the best product and leverage its functions to drive maximum revenue from your listing.  

FAQ (150) 

Q. How to Pick the Best App For Sales Estimation?  

A Picking the best application for tracking and assessing sales is quite simple. Simply refer to our reviews and check the customer testimonials against every product. This will simplify your search, helping you zero in on the best product.  

Q. How to drive sales on Amazon?  

A You can drive sales on your specific product listing by selling a product that people actually need. You can spearhead the sales by using a sales rank tracker as well.  

Q What's a Good Amazon Rank? 

A Any rank between one to three will be deemed good on Amazon. 




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Why you Need Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions for your Online Selling Business

amazon extension chrome

What is an Amazon Chrome Extension?

An Amazon Extension is a plugin for your internet browser.

Using the Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) service enables you to leave Amazon to take care of the picking, packing, and delivering of your products for you, alongside dealing with any customer services and returns issues.

Amazon Chrome Extensions take this a little further, and can be really useful tools in your Amazon selling business.

In this article, you’ll find a list of several Google Chrome extension apps what we’ve discovered to help you with your FBA selling.

The Primary Functions of an Amazon Chrome Extension are to:

·       Save time

·       Elevate your Amazon sales

·       Rise higher on Amazon rankings

·       Make product research much faster

Some Benefits of an Amazon Chrome Extension:

1.     Receive automated price drop alerts using a tracker

2.     Monitor price history graphs

3.     Simple work out your FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) profits

4.     Discover the best, most profitable products on Amazon

5.     Find the optimal keywords to use in your listing descriptions

6.     Learn how your FBA competitors are performing

7.     Unveil new possibilities to upgrade your own product listings

What are the Best Amazon Chrome Extensions for FBA Sellers?

Some of the Amazon Chrome Extensions at the forefront of the market for FBA sellers that are available are:

  1. Jungle Scout Chrome Plugin

Amazon Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout can help you to find how profitable your own particular product niche is. It provides you the estimate sales of each product on a specific page through a spreadsheet.

·       You can also access this information:

·       Average BSR (best seller ranking)

·       Average price

·       Seller details

·       Numbers of reviews of the particular product

2. Keepa

amazon extension chrome

Keepa tracks your products and competitors.

It will provide you with a detailed price history chart of items on Amazon. It can track any product and notify once the price drop and will compare international prices. Once you use it as a plugin on your internet browser, it will pull through the price history graph on the Amazon page.

3. Helium 10 Plugin

amazon chrome extension

Helium 10 plugin is the one of the superior Amazon FBA keyword tools, which you can utilise to plan the ideal keywords for your products.

You can also use these tools:

·       Competitor analysis

·       Product research

·       Keywords listing and tracking

·       Build and optimise product listing

4. Viral Lunch Market Intelligence

amazon extension for chrome

Viral Launch Market Intelligence is an Amazon analytics tool that really helps Amazon sellers.

It can tell you which item you can sell and shows you the most profitable products on the site.

You can calculate fees and profits with the assistance of the in-built calculator.

5. AMZ Scout/Pro

amazon fba chrome extension

AMZScout is another plugin which you can utilise to help to find a profitable niche on the Amazn Marketplace platform.

There are just some of the plugin’s features:

·       Get estimate Sales and Revenue

·       Price and ranking details

·       Analyse Listing Quality

·       View the latest trends

·       Export your data in excel sheet

6. The Camelizer

chrome extension amazon

The Camelizer tool is not dissimilar to Keepa.

Displaying price graphs on each item page once the extension is activated. Using this this extension, you can easily set up your own trackers on a particular item, and this extension will alert you when the price changes on that product.

Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions – Do you Need Them?

Price tracking, product research, and keyword analytics are three vital elements for any online Amazon selling business.

Unfortunately, they are also three very time-consuming tasks. Tasks that can take up the vast majority of your time. 

Ensure you choose just a couple of these tools to help your online business, and not spend all of your time testing out the various available tools! Choose the tools that are really going to drive your business forward.

Chrome Extensions make all of these tasks, and many more, much easier, and therefore, make your Amazon business more productive, and more profitable. A lot of them are free, or have lite and trial versions available, so why not give them a whirl, and see how much time you could save running your online business today?

Use These Powerful Online Tools to Level-Up Your Amazon FBA Business.

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AMZScout Review

amz scout pro

Selling on Amazon is becoming trickier day by day. It is the world’s biggest e-commerce store where sellers from every hook and nook of the world are selling and marketing their products. So in such a competitive enterprise, getting your product listings on the top is not a piece of cake. And the cherry on the top, if you are using an ineffective tool to do so, it goes out of the question.

Selecting the right tool for your business is as crucial as choosing the right product to sell. Here we are going to review one of the best tools names AMZScout so that you can know how it can get your job done easily.

What is AMZScout?

AMZScout is a product research tool for amazon sellers. It provides sales statistics about the sold products. It also monitors your competitor’s listings and provides their sales history. If you are planning to launch a new product n amazon’s platform, this tool will help you understand your competitors and make decisions based on market trends.

Amzscout Pricing

Like any other tool, AMZScout offers 3 packages with a difference in features and tools. So it is very important to check out the features of each package before you choose one. This way you can get a package that suits your needs better.

AMZScout free offers a 7days free trial period. Other packages are as under:

  1. The per month package costs $44.99.
  2. The per-year package costs $149.
  3. The lifetime package costs $399.

It is recommended to start using the per month package at the start so that you can have an idea if this tool and its features really work for you or not. After that, if it suits you, you can move on to the annual package and so on.


Amzscout Web App vs. Amzscout Chrome Extension

AMZScout is available both as a web app and as a chrome extension. Both of them offer insights into sales data and are almost the same in their functionalities. But the AMZScout web app is a little more comprehensive then chrome extension. The web app works in every browser and provides a full product database to track up to 80 products. You can check these product’s data every day and analyze their keywords.

On the other hand, AMZScout extension is very user-friendly and allows users to analyze product’s data directly from amazon product pages. AMZScout chrome extension has a feature to get a niche idea. It helps users to optimize their sales and get revenues.

Amzscout Tools

AMZScout tools are divided into three categories, amazon product research, keywords and product listings, and free tools. Let’s analyze each one of them in detail.

Amazon Keyword Tracker

This tool by AMZScout enables sellers to evaluate keywords ranking positions in amazon. This can be done for any product that is available on amazon. By using this tool, you can control your product listings through marketing and optimization strategies. Keywords ranking can be broken down into each page of your product. You can view how the keywords ranking went up or went down over time.

Sales Estimator

This tool is very helpful to estimate sales of each category but it only provides high-level category sales. It is good as at least it gives you an idea about your future plans.

AMZScout FBA Calculator and Amazon Revenue Calculator

This tool is available both in the web app and in the AMZScout chrome extension. All you have to do is to insert ASIN and it will do the job. It will provide you the selling price, an estimate of fees to be paid and how well your product will do in the future. It is ideal to use if you have only one or two products to sell on amazon.

Amzscout Stock Stats

This tool is available for free on AMZScout chrome extension. It provides specific stock details for all sellers selling on the Amazon platform.

Amazon Smart Shopper

This tool is not for sellers but for the buyers who are trying to check out the product prices on amazon. Amazon smart shopper tells you if you can find the same product on eBay in cheap prices or not.

Sales History per Year

This option enables you to check sales history against each product per year. It is good to have an eye on annual sales so that you can plan your next move accordingly.

Quality Of Product Listing

Through this tool, you can check if a product listing has a good quality of not. There is always room for improvement. Use this tool and get to know your product listings quality today.

View Trends

You can view Google trends through this tool. It provides a product analysis of each product.

Fulfillment Details

You can view all FBA fees by utilizing this tool. It provides details against each product you are selling on amazon.

Spy on the Competition

You can always keep an eye on your competitors by adding their details to this option. Check out their daily sales through this tool.



How much does AMZScout cost?

Its price ranges from $30 to $60 per month. It also offers 7 days free trial.


Can I cancel my AMZScout Subscription?

Yes, you cancel it anytime you want by going to account settings.

What markets does AMZScout support?

 AMZScout chrome extension works for Amazon US, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, India, and Mexico. The web app can be accessed from Amazon US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and India.



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What to Sell On Amazon-Finding Profitable Products

things to sell on amazon

Setting up a business on Amazon is not an easy job. It is just like setting up a store where you have to keep everything in place from scratch. It needs a lot of your time, attention to detail and of course money. Amazon offers a great platform for everyone who want to start their own business ventures.

But when the question arises, what to sell on amazon to make money, most people get confused because of the variety of items and the profit values. Nearly 50% of Amazon users are from the USA alone. So choosing the best things to sell on Amazon is a crucial part.


What Are The Top-Selling Categories On Amazon?

Amazon sells almost 398+ million types of different products. But the hard part is when you have an abundance of things to choose from, it becomes really difficult. Choosing a product is an essential part of online business. So let us help you out by listing the best-selling products on amazon below:

  1. Toys and games
  2. Electronics, gadgets, electronics accessories
  3. Video games
  4. Camera and photo accessories
  5. Books
  6. Clothes, shoes, and jewelry
  7. Beauty and Personal care items
  8. Skincare items
  9. Home, garden, and kitchen
  10. Nutrition
  11. Home décor items
  12. Supplements



Choosing What to Sell on Amazon FBA

Choosing amazon FBA is a wise choice to make especially if you are a new seller and don’t have your own storage and shipping arrangements. It is advised not to sell a product that is already dominated by big names as it will be difficult for you to beat the number of reviews they have on their products. It is a great idea to search for china marketplaces to find a product because they are cost-effective. Find a low-cost product to sell at higher values on Amazon. Buy products in bulk on wholesale rates to resell on Amazon at higher prices. Another way to find products to sell on Amazon FBA is to get goods manufactured vendors and sell under your brand’s name or logo. This is called private label sellers.


Finding the Best Products to Sell On Amazon-X Steps

Below are the 5 most common steps to follow:

  • Check out a category’s best seller’s list - Amazon updates its best seller’s list and Amazon bestseller rank for each ASIN (Amazon standard identification number).
  • Research best-selling products -open each product one by one and click on “used and new” to view all sellers.
  • Research the supplier - research the supplier from amazon listing on Google.
  • Get in touch with the supplier - contact the supplier and discuss your requirements, interests.
  • Start selling on amazon - finally, you have done it. 

Sourcing Products to Sell on Amazon

As we have stated above, finding a third party manufacturer for your goods is an ideal way to sell on Amazon. Product sourcing includes finding the best supplier, cost calculations and negotiations with the suppliers. The main target of product sourcing is to look for an option for you that suits your needs and interests at the cheapest prices. Except these, there are few other product sourcing metrics to follow, such as:

  1. Profit Margins
  2. Demand Levels
  3. Competition


Final Thoughts

Numerous niches on available Amazon, you just to dig deeper to look for the best. The guidelines given by us in this post will definitely help you to find the best product to sell on amazon. This is just a one-time struggle that will go a long way and pay you off in many folds. So never leave a stone un turned while you research the best items to sell on amazon.



1.    How successful is selling on Amazon?

Yes, it is profitable selling on amazon. If you sell more than 40 products on Amazon, you are a successful seller.

2.    How much can Amazon sellers make?

Many Amazon sellers make at least $1000 per month and some more successful sellers make up to $250,000 each month.

3.    What does it cost to sell on Amazon?

Amazon offers two plans. One is professional for $39.99 monthly and the other one is an individual plan which costs $0.99 per item.


4.    What is the most sold item on Amazon?

Toys and games are on the topmost sold items on amazon to date.

  Description : A mazon sells almost 398+ million types of different products. But the hard part is when you have an abundance of things to choose from, it becomes really difficult.

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Improve Your Amazon Sales Rank

Amazon has many sellers, and all of them want to be the best. To be rated as the best, a seller needs to have a good reputation, more traffic and sales compared to the other sellers. A seller can use different ways to be rated among the best, but the most direct way of achieving that is through ensuring your products have a good sales rank.

Know more About Amazon Sales Rank

In simple terms, Amazon Sales Rank (ASR), also recognized as Best Seller Rank (BSR), is the positioning of products on how well they sell when compared to the other products in the same category. ASR is a way of determining if an item is widely known or not in a specific category. For example, if you are selling watches in the Accessories and Clothing category, then your watches will get rated against all the accessories and clothing items listed in the group.

Amazon has thousands of sellers who vend millions of products, meaning that a product ASR ranges from position 1 to hundreds of thousands or even more than a million. That means if you are ranked as position one or among the top, you will have greater sales, but if you are on the bottom, you will have fewer sales.

Significance of Amazon Sales Rank

Many reasons make ASR important to every seller who wants to be successful. For sellers who are new on online business, ASR is used to determine if your items are selling more compared to other sellers items that are in the same category. It points out where your products are positioned on the Amazon ranking system.

When you join the online market place, at first, you will have a low ASR score. That does not mean you would not make it to the top. The search results only show your performance at the moment.

How to grow Your Product Sales Rank on Amazon

For your items to be ranked top on Amazon, it should be selling in larger volumes. Your ranking can be affected when your competitors sell more products than you in a week or even a single day. You might have achieved your sales target, but your sales rank might go down because your direct competitors performed well than you. When you have a lower ASR, fewer shoppers will visit your page, and you may end up making fewer sales. There are numerous factors you need to consider in order to increase your sales rank, which include: 

  •   Using competitive prices

Price is a great factor in Amazon because most buyers shop on the platform intending to purchase goods at a lower price. To attract more sales, you will have to offer your items at low prices than your competitors. You can search for automated Repricer software to help you modify your item prices according to the competition.

  • Enhanced Product Title

Experienced sellers know that shoppers are attracted to an item depending on the name or title branded for the item. Therefore ensure you give your item a title that is informative and creative. Moreover, enhance the title with the correct keywords. Ensure that the title of your product has the product name and features and also brand name.

what does amazon sales rank mean

A watch description on Amazon

  • Flawless Item Description

Ensure that you describe your product in a way that will positively impress shoppers. A clear description improves customer engagement and conversation rates. When the description of your item is clear, it will attract many prospective buyers. With numerous potential buyers on your product page, your sales would rise significantly. 

  • Use Quality Images

After finding an appealing product title and description, what remains is to find an image that contests what you have portrayed. Pictures of the products you are selling is a vital aspect that will assist you in growing your general sales. Ensure that you use quality images that impress potential buyers because it only takes some seconds for them to reach the product listing of another seller. You might be selling amazing items, but if you don’t have several awesome pictures depicting them, you will push many buyers away.


Having a good product title, description and image and selling at a lower price selling will attract more sales. If you deliver to the buyers what they want and offer them great customer service, you will receive many positive reviews. Your product Amazon Sales Ranking would improve when you receive many positive reviews because they make you have a great reputation, and buyers will easily trust you to deliver quality products.


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